Canned food logger and more ...

Axitherm develops, manufactures and distributes a complete range of measure instruments with mounts and fittings to ensure data with accuracy, reliability and easiness

Miniature recorders without rod = unrivaled precision for temperature measurement in containers

Small packaging inside
Thermal mapping design
Multipurpose measurement of heat


All packaging
Retort and microwave process
Vacuum and pressure resistance


Extreme miniaturization
Insensible to vibration
Vacuum and pressure resistance


Deflection sensor and box = no more packaging deformation

Pressure measurement, display and recording = the right tool for you

Long live battery
High accuracy of pressure and temperature
Insensitive to thermal shock


High accuracy pocket unit
Suitable for R&D and Quality control
Easy to do – Easy to read


Plug and Play
Figures, curves and calculations in real time
Calculation of steam % in autoclave


Supports, mounts and fittings = accuracy and repeatable measurements

User-friendly adjustable mount
Very cost effective
Essential to waranty quality of your measurement

Light and easy to mount
Large acceptance of packaging geometries
Fix Deflection probe in all position

Suitable for all materials
Suitable for all packaging geometries
Acceptance to industrial filling requirements

Operating software: the version that suits you

Records secured in Data-Base
Very user-friendly “Quality” software
Design to work with more than 30 loggers