Digital vacuum gauge

Measure vacuum and pressure without fear of leakage


Maintenance-free and very portable, the digital vacuum gauge will quickly be essential for all your vacuum and pressure controls.
Its double line display provides perfect readability on the current value and the Minimum or Maximum value. Thanks to its peak function, it captures values at 5000 Hz which guarantees high accuracy even in the event of a leak (eg perforation of the jar capsule).
It is powered by batteries and the user can easily change it once a year.


Dual display: instant and mini / maxi
Unit selection: bar, mbar, hPa, MPa and PSI
Zero setting on atmospheric pressure
Measuring range: -1 to +3 bar
Accuracy: +/- 0.2% full scale (PE)
“Peak” function: 5,000 Hz scanning
Indications: low battery, unit, overload …


Waterproofness IP 65
User-interchangeable long-life battery power supply
All stainless steel sensor with standard 1/4 male gas connection
Fully maintenance free


As digital vacuum gauge for packaging under vacuum:
– heat sealing, capping and vacuum seaming qualification
– used with flexible or rigid packaging perforator
As standard manometer for retort and autoclave:
– pressure regulation control of sensitive schedule
– used with the connecting cannula

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