Interfaces multiples et mono

Exposure of Multi and Mono models


The communication interface for the recorder is in the form of a small electronic box that allows the dialogue between the recorder or recorders and the operating software supported by the computer.
RECCAP is the software suitable for this range of sensors.
3 interface models are available to cover the full range of AXITHERM recorders.


Interface mono :
Small dimensions for easy transport
Communication with only 1 recorder at a time

Interface multi :
Robust design
Communication up to 6 recorders at a time


Mono : can receive recorders AXImini / ThinLOG and HeatLOG
Multi :a model for recorders AXImini / ThinLOG and HeatLOG
another model for the recorder AXImicro
Power supply without battery, only through the USB port of the computer


Agri-food and other industries
Communication interface for programming and reading via computer of temperature recorders without cane

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