Temperature and pressure recorder support

Allow repeated position of temperature loggers in all packagings


The temperature logger mounts allows optimal use of the sensors AXImini , Aximicro HeatLOG and ThinLOG . The developed range is deliberately restricted to ensure that you always have the right model with you. Depending on the model, the support is held by spring effect or by gluing and the sensor is fixed by gluing.

Tip: Our multi-purpose sealant guarantees effective fixing.


Respects heat transfer and convection movement of the product
4 standards to meet all your requirements:
– “I” support, staright and height adjustable (bottle, jar, beverage can)
– Self centering for metal can (moulded or smooth)
– Self centering for pot, bowl plate and cup in plastic
– “S” support for pockets and DoyPack®
2 materials : stainless steel and high temperature polymer
Reusable, adjustable, resistant, microwaveable (polymer only)


Fully maintenance free
A simplified range to cover a wide application scope
Excellent quality / price ratio


Metal : all forms of boxes
Glass : bottles, jars, verrines
Rigid plastic : pots, plates, trays
Complex : pockets, DoyPack®, Tetra Brick®

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