Packing gland ONEFIX

Gland and gripper to fix probes and recorders with needle on every chap of packaging


ONEFIX is a cable gland for sterilization and can be installed from the outside on any kind of packaging without restriction of location. The pot, the pocket, the box, … can therefore be opened or closed, it is enough to pierce it to rivet ONEFIX without difficulty thanks to a special pliers. Therefore you can add different elements to it:
– a sealed passage to receive the needle of a wired probe or a temperature recorder mounted offset
– an adapter to connect to a pressure probe
– …
So, with a single assembly you can implant all the desired sensors on any packaging, which, you will agree, is quite practical!


Suitable for all materials
Suitable for all packaging geometries
Accepts industrial filling conditions, even vacuum
Supports pasteurization and sterilization


This cable gland for sterilization is a universal base for instrumenting packaging, it allows:
– installation before or after closure
– pass smoothly through a crimper or a heat sealer
ONEFIX is for single use only. It only requires a perforator and a special clamp for its installation which makes it a very economical assembly!


For simple instrumentation of most food packaging autoclaved for pasteurization or sterilization
Metal : all forms of boxes
Glass : bottles, jars (by the metal cap)
Rigid plastic : pots, plates
Complex materials : pockets, DoyPack®, Tetra Brick®

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