PHIlog: pressure temperature recorder

Autonomous temperature and pressure sensor for the food industry


This PHIlog pressure temperature recorder is isolated by a Peek (high temperature polymer) envelope which protects the electronics and the power supply from temperature shocks, which are often harmful in the long term. In addition, this material, much lighter than stainless steel, greatly limits measurement errors linked to the very presence of the sensor in the environment observed. With a record response time, this recorder is extremely precise.


Pressure measurement with very high precision
from 30 to 5,000 mbar (absolute) to +/- 6 mbar
Temperature from -40 to +140°C within +/- 6 mbar
Dimensions: 35 x 38 mm for 46g
Watertightness IP 68 from 0 to + 5 bar (absolute)
Non-volatile memory = 16,000 acquisitions
long battery life of the interchangeable battery: 300h minimum


Data exchange with the contactless interface
Customizable temperature rigid probe: diameter, length, stiffness
– Ultra short response time option with 1.9 mm diameter
Insulating shell polymer and very light:
– Insensitive to thermal shocks


Agrifood : monitoring of static or continuous industrial processes, thermal maps, changes in temperature and pressure inside the packaging, …
Pharmacy, hospital environment : control of autoclaves, control of the presence of steam at the heart of charge

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