AXIprobe deflection sensor for packagings

Measure of the dimensional changes in trays, pouches, cans, lids


This deflection sensor measures the dimensional variations of all the surfaces of your packaging. Connected to the P&P Box, it displays the deformation values and interpretations in real time. Ideal tool for the R&D department because it allows the evolution of schedule in terms of quality as well as in terms of productivity


Insertion in all autoclaves (optional rotary)
Stroke of the sensor: 44 mm
Measuring sensitivity: 0.1 mm
Measuring head adjustable on 360 °
Watertightness: IP 68 under 5 bar
Temperature resistance: 0.5 °C to 130 °C (135 °C peak)


Absence of return spring
Customizable test tip
Connection to the central P&P Box Deformation and Expert
Fully maintenance free


All packaging: trays, sealed or crimped plastic pots, pockets and even metal boxes.
Identifies pressure imbalances between the inside and outside of the packaging and remedies them.
Ring lift measurement

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