Data acquisition interface P&P Box Expert

Exploit your data to optimize your scales


This P&P Box Expert acquisition unit provides access to all the measurements essential for studying packaging. The data is displayed in different ways and is interpreted in real time to allow you direct control of the autoclave if you wish.
Various information and calculations also allow you to optimize the writing of your programs by improving heat exchanges with the packaging.
Its versatility also allows you to perform pasteurization or sterilization scale validation operations and many other controls …


4 inputs housing as standard
Display and recording the following values:
1 x deflection : range of 44 mm, sensitivity 0.1 mm
1 x pressure: -1 to +5 bar relative, accuracy +/- 30 mbar
2 x temperature : from 0 to +140 ° C, accuracy +/- 0.20 ° C
Calculated values : Po / Fo / % steam / pressures differential
3.7 inch colour display,, touch and waterproof (IP 66)


All functions and displays accessible in real time
Independant data acquisition and visualization
Instantaneous calculations Fo or Po, pressure differential, % steam…
Presentation of data in the form of:
– digital, graphic, statistics
Assisted piloting:
– deformation, Fo / Po, pressure differential, steam %
Export data in . csv
Main power supply
Operation without connected computer


Quality control: validation of pasteurization and sterilization schedule
Development: new recipes and packaging changes (geometry, thickness or material)
Optimization: steam % and heat transfer management

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