Description ThinLOG:

The ThinLOG retort temperature logger can be installed precisely where you want due to its quick-attach support. This fixing also avoids any direct contact of the ThinLOG with solid parts (spacers, packaging, racks, …) which could interfere with the measurement.
Furthermore, the miniaturization of this retort / sterilizer sensor provides high quality measurement because it does not disturb the instrumented environment. Indeed, its weight and volume are so low that they perfectly respect the natural circulation of heat transfer fluids (steam, cascade, immersion, mist).

Performances ThinLOG:

Measures the temperature of the environment without disturbance
Weight of 5.2 g for a volume of 1.9 cm3
3 temperature rangesto meet all your needs: – 40 to + 85 ° C / 0 to +125 ° C / +15 to +140 ° C
Reduced dimensions: Ø 19.8 x 6.2 mm
Full scale accuracy better than: ± 0.15 ° C
Watertightness: IP 68 from – 1 to + 7 bar
Memory capacity: 4096 data
3 recording modes: immediate – date / time – temperature thresholds


Very easy to use in mapping
Fully maintenance free
Lifetime: 500,000 measurement points that is to say 3 to 5 years upon frequency of use
Meets direct food contact standards

Application ThinLOG:

Food industry:
this miniature retort temperature logger finds its usefulness in thermal mapping, schedule validation or temperature monitoring in canned product (not subjected to important vacuum)
Runs with AXITHERM communication interfaces and softwares

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