Who are we?

Axitherm was founded in 2002 on the initiative of Mr Alain Fournial, the present company manager, to provide high-performance measuring instruments and efficient services to the agri-food industry.


ince its creation, Axitherm has won several innovation awards. It stands out for its ability to push back the technical boundaries generally applied. A company which is totally independent of any organization or machine manufacturer, Axitherm’s goal is to help industrialists to make the best use of their technical equipment such as pasteurizers, sterilizers and ovens.

This ambitious goal is implemented in the form of:
• training courses for production and R&D personnel
• manufacture of measurement instruments dedicated to thermal treatment
• hire of these measurement instruments to facilitate occasional engineering studies
• provision of high level technical services
• line audit
• optimization of production processes
• construction of pasteurization or sterilization scales for sensitive products and packaging
• thermal mapping of equipment and qualification of the acceptance processes implemented

Axitherm’s size means that it can be highly responsive to its customers’ needs. Axitherm works with a network of development engineers to ensure the relevance and efficiency of any new research. Building on over 25 years’ experience in packaging and sterilization processes, Mr Fournial offers you his expertise as a decision-making aid or technical support for your developments and to resolve your production problems.

For more than 25 years in development of cans of food / pasteurized products, Alain Fournial, manager of the Axitherm, company developed an expertise fed by a big variety of situations met at industrialists of about fifteen countries. Designer of equipments and methodologies, manufacturer of materials in diagnostic integrated and software, on-site service provider, advice, auditor and trainer, he puts all his talents in the service of your activity

Administrative and finances manager

Katia Richard is responsible for all the administrative and financial activities of the company : accounts department, finances, purchase and logistics. She manages the invoicing and the files training with our customers. Every morning, she is available to make the link between industrials needs and the operational participants.