Food cooking optimization : devices and services

Axitherm proposes variety of measuring devices and rental service. A ingeneer can also come in your plant for retort validation, trouble shooting or process optimization

Through your business and its diversity, food cooking optimization is fundamental to reach the desired quality.
Axitherm offers several complementary technics to meet your requirements of cooking reduction and homogenization.
Our method: Once the target Fo or PU has been established (see partner ALTIC), we propose several scheduled processes. The best is selected when it guarantees reproducibility of the cycle. This retort repeatability greatly limits the dispersions of Fo / PU and, by the same token, those of the cooking effect.
Of course, a new schedule needs to be approuved. So, we take into account the characteristics of the plant’s energy networks, the performance of the retorts and the working methods applied. In addition, this new schedule is designed to respect the thermal properties of your recipes. The goal is to never “rush” them more than necessary. Thus we cumulate 2 advantages: control of dispersions by tightening of the safety margin on the Fo / PU + harmonization of the cooking by alignment on thermal behavior of the recipe.
The result is an almost homogeneous cooking with an unequaled flavor, regardless of the location in the retort or even the time of year.
Under certain conditions, this food cooking optimization is accompanied by a gain in productivity. Then this service provides a very good pay back.