Pasteurization nuts and cereals in bulk

Temperature recorder and service for the control of debacterization

Determination of the Pasteurizer Value in continuous process

Aximicro®, the Aximicro temperature recorder is the ideal solution for controlling dry fruit and cereal pasteurization:
• It is the only temperature recorder capable of replacing a hazelnut due to its size and weight
• Designed for high temperatures (125 or 140°C), it progresses on vibrating mats at the same speed as almonds or seeds
• The Aximicro weighs less than 5 grams, is vibration resistant and accepts heaters with steam, hot air and current tube … it’s the real whopper of debriefing!
• the temperatures recorded by Aximicro allow you to calculate the Pasteurizer value of your products at the various stages of the process

The nuts pasteurizer, a pressing need

The pasteurization of almonds has been mandatory in the USA and Canada since 2007 following cases of food poisoning by salmonella. Contrary to the common belief that products with low moisture content do not pose a risk, survival of salmonella under these conditions has been demonstrated

Our services for pasteurization of dried fruits in bulk

Study of debriefing systems

• Mapping, cold spot search and homogeneity check
• Validation of pasteurizing value


Short Study Equipment Rental

• Ready-to-use measurement kit
• Remote support for measurement implementation and analysis


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