Pasteurization Sterilization of vegetables and cereals

Materials and expertise adapted to vegetables and cereals trades

Temperature measurement

2 ranges of sensors suitable for pasteurization and vegetable sterilization in aotoclave or continuous strilzer :
– Our line of HeatLOG or AXImicro temperature loggers for all your demanding applcations :
• Extreme miniaturization for all the finest and smallest packaging
• Supports emptiness as strong pressures

Deformation monitoring

Probe for direct reading of deformation packaging
• Positions on all sides to solve targeted defects
• Allows adjustment of schedule to optimize thermal transfer or reduce packaging thickness

The vacuum measurement

• Digital display manometer
• Qualifies capping and heat sealing injections (steam, gas)
• Measures the residual vacuum after treatment
• Check autoclave pressure

Services and expertise in heat treatment

Product development and improvement

• Optimization of cooking without changing the desired stability
• Improved material yield


Elimination of packaging deformations

• Identification of the origin of the leaks, flat and curved
• Scale adjustment for new packaging and loading plans


Energy savings on autoclave consumption

• Reduction of steam and compressed air exhausts
• Gain in cooling efficiency to reduce water consumption


Productivity gains

• reducing cycle time without compromising quality (stability and organoleptic)


Study of autoclaves and tunnels

• Mapping, cold spot search and homogeneity control
• Validation of the sterilizing value by heat penetration study


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