Canning data logger = ThinLOG

ThinLOG is specially designed for temperature measurement in retorts and packaging

Description of ThinLOG:

The ThinLOG canning data logger can be installed exactly where you want it to be thanks to .
Used directly in the autoclave chamber, ThinLOG allows you to map temperature variations. Cold and hot spots are easily identified. its weight and volume are so low that they perfectly respect the natural circulation of heat transfer fluids (steam, cascade, immersion, mist).
Used inside the packaging, ThinLOG measures the core temperature of your product and gives you the Fo/PU reached. These small dimensions are suitable for all can, jar or pouch containing more than 80 g of product without generating measurement errors.

Performances of canning data logger:

Measures the temperature of the environment without disturbance.
Weight of 5.2 g for a volume of 1.9 cm3.
3 temperature rangesto meet all your needs: – 40 to + 85 °C / 0 to +125 °C / +15 to +140 °C.
Reduced dimensions: Ø 19.8 x 6.2 mm.
Full scale accuracy better than: ± 0.15 °C.
Watertightness: IP 68 from – 1 to + 7 bar.
Memory capacity: 4096 data.
3 recording modes: immediate – date / time – temperature thresholds.

Specificities of canning data logger

Very easy to use in thermal mapping.
Fully maintenance free.
Lifetime: 500,000 measurement points that is to say 3 to 5 years upon frequency of use.
Meets direct food contact standards.

Application of canning data logger:

ThinLOG is a multi-purpose temperature recorder. It is essential for thermal mapping, heat penetration studies and programme validation, all important information for quality control.
Its shape allows an excellent approach to the product cold spot and is suitable for all packaging geometries
Runs with AXITHERM communication interfaces and softwares

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