Retort pressure logger = Philog

Autonomous temperature and pressure data recorder for the food industry

Description of the retort pressure logger

This PHIlog temperature and pressure data logger is insulated with a Peek (high-temperature polymer) envelope that protects it from temperature shocks. This heat shield preserves the electronics and battery over the long term.
In addition, this material is much lighter than stainless steel and greatly reduces measurement errors caused by the sensor’s presence in the observed environment. With a high response time, this recorder is extremely accurate.
Data is collected via an inductive interface, which eliminates any problems with connector fouling and therefore communication.

Performances of the retort pressure logger

Pressure measurement with very high precision
from 30 to 5,000 mbar (absolute) with an accuracy of +/- 6 mbar.
Temperature from -40 to +140°C with an accuracy of +/- 0.06°C.
Dimensions: diameter 35 x 38 mm for 46g.
Watertightness IP 68 from 0 to + 5 bar (absolute).
Non-volatile memory = 16,000 acquisitions.
long battery life of the interchangeable battery: 300 hours minimum.
food contact approved materials.


Data exchange with contactless interface (standard with 2 slots).
Customizable temperature rod: diameter, length, stiffness.
– Ultra short temperature response time option with 1.9 mm diameter.
Insulating shell polymer and very light:
– Insensitive to thermal shocks.

Applications for retort pressure logger

Agrifood: monitoring of static or continuous industrial processes, retort thermal mapping, temperature and pressure data logger inside packaging to calculate F0 or PU, process validation, …
Pharmacy, hospital environment: control of autoclaves, control of the presence of steam in the core load.

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