Cooking of fragile produces

How to retort without overcooking or avoid poor hydration of dry produces.

Selection of optimal conditions for the preparation and filling of your recipes

Definition of the best thermal profile for heating and cooling your products

Search for the ideal agitation mode for all your retorted packaging with rotation

Objective: stop overcooking in sterilization

Most of the time, cooking is necessary for the digestibility of the product, but with pasteurisation and especially sterilisation, it can be too important. With a special approach, it is possible to partially dissociate cooking and PU/Fo values.
As each recipe has a specific behaviour (hydration rate, thermal conductivity, viscosity, …), the optimisation of flavours and texture for fragile product requires a development of schedule.
Based on the temperature and heat flow measurements, Axitherm analyses your recipe and proposes a new schedule process with an optimal temperature and pressure profile for the retort.
Results: significant fresher aspect, good ginning, enhancement of flavouring, less exudate, …


Methodology to reduce overcooking sterilization

Fragile products:
• Identification of the sensitivity of the product (thermal shock, oxidation, mechanical stirring, etc.) and the maximum level of acceptance.
• Differential temperature and/or heat flux measurements to characterize heat exchange rates.
• Rewrite of the schedule according to the collected elements.
Products with high hydration:
• Identification of product hydration dynamics.
• Hydration/rotary rate correlation study.
• Rewrite of the schedule according to the collected elements.
Validation process:
• Verification of behavior in partially loaded retort with possible adjustments.
• Validation of the full load run and verification of the PU / Fo obtained.

Commitments with overcooking sterilization study

Confidentiality agreement and restricted use of your data.
Delivery of a summary report at the end of the intervention.
Transmission of know-how to enable you to manage future developments independently.
Guaranteed integrity of your packaging.