Food retort expertise

On your industrial site, our technical services strengthen your innovation, your level of quality, your production capacity and support you in reducing energy consumption.

Control and Quality Assurance = we identify the drifts and correct them if necessary

Monitoring of thermal homogeneity
Search of the cold spot
Validation of maintenance work on your equipment


Assurance of thermal homogeneity (retort exclusivity)
Location of cold spot and hot spot
Validation of maintenance work on your equipment


Location of the cold spot in your product
Location of the cold spot in the retort or continuous sterilizer
Definition of the scheduled process to meet pasteurisation / sterilisation values


Support for innovation = we boost retorts and recipes by adjusting the scheduled process

Manage produces texture
Improve the taste of your recipes
Enhance final colour to meet your goal


Reduction of instantaneous steam requirements
Reduction of additional compressed air
Improvement of cooling efficiency


Industrial performance = our expertise in food retort optimization

Improve heat treatment
Increase in loading capacity
Workshop performance optimization

Adjustment of temperature and pressure profiles
Respect of materials performance
Taking into account the variability of production
Video: Solves problems of deformation, leak, bulging and mark