Thermal mapping

Thermal enclosure mapping = temperature distribution in open or closed chamber

Definition of the most suitable equipment and measurement protocol

Control of the repeatability of your equipment

Identification of the cold spot and hot spot position

Aim :

The thermal enclosure mapping of a cooking cell or for example of a pasteurization tunnel identifies the cold / hot spots of your equipment. The use of a large number of recorders makes it possible to qualify the temperature distribution, the repeatability of the cycle as well as the impact of the load and its variations.
The study is aimed at all kinds of thermal equipment whose function is to provide cooking, or product stability by pasteurization or even sterilization.
All the measures are included in a clear and detailed report to meet the expectations of your clients (certifiers, large retailers, players in the food industry).
Axitherm uses different sensor technologies to always use the one that will best suit your equipment.

schema cartographie thermique en anglais

Application example

On-site evaluation of a cooking cell:
– Identification of the machine park using the same energy networks
– Verification of areas deemed “critical” of the cell
Test phase:
– Optimized distribution of sensors on different floors (= thermal enclosure mapping)
– Reading of temperatures and location of cold / hot points
– Repeat the measurement
Validation process:
– Protocol customization possible
– Measurement of two consecutive cycles under critical load
– Reading and interpretation of the values obtained


Edition of a report within 30 days containing the requirements of the applicant
Comparison of results to acceptance criteria
Possible optimization recommendations:
– regulation parameters
– reconstruction of scales
– Loading plan

Informations pdf for cooking units mapping