O.T.T.A: Optimization of Thermal Treatments in Retort (Autoclave)

How to boost retorts and recipes to return to profitability

Productivity gains

of your retorts thanks to an adapted writing of your schedule. These gains and / or savings are made without equipment investment and therefore immediately depreciable

Material yield

increasing and more regular thanks to a schedule construction using heating and cooling dynamics in accordance with the physical / thermal properties of the recipe

Organoleptic improvements

and nutritional aspects of your recipes. The food sterilization optimized (idem for pasteurization) method respects the produce, by reducing mechanical stress (visual appearance and texture) and cell bursting (nutrient migration)

Objective: Food sterilization optimized method considers the retort performances, the recipe behaviour and the packaging caracteristics and pushes these 3 points to their maximum


O.T.T.A Methodology

Data recovery:
• Identification of the available capacities on the retort
• Verification of the thermal behavior of the packaging
• Observation of heat penetration in different recipes and grouping of products into thermal families
Different possible complementary approaches:
• Rewrite of the programmed schedule
• Adjustment of retort temperature and pressure controllers
• Adaptation of the loading plan
• Explanation of a new work organization
Validation process:
• Verification of the behaviour of the recipe in a partially loaded retort and possible adjustments
• Validation of the schedule in full load and verification of the Fo / PU obtained


Confidentiality of your data and restricted use for studying your recipes
Submission of a summary report at the end of the intervention
Transmission of know-how allowing independent management of future developments
Guaranteed integrity of your packagings

PDF information on O.T.T.A