Optimizing the perception of your revenue

Improvement of the organoleptic quality sterilization or pasteurization thanks to the adjustment of the scale

Control of the texture of your pasteurized / sterilized products

Improved taste and flavor

Revitalizing the colors and textures of your recipes

Aim: Enhance your sterilized or pasteurized product by adapting the scale.

Gains on the sterile organoleptic quality of your recipes are quite possible as soon as the scale is designed to follow their thermal characteristics. Thus, we reduce the degradations due to cooking (formation of exudate, tarnishing of colors, softening of texture, denaturation of flavoring, …).
This practice also gives excellent results on pasteurized products.
The other strong point of this method is to provide you with reproducible products of very consistent quality, for a perfect standardization of your recipes.

Visuel qualites organo2

Methodology for organoleptic quality sterilization

On-site evaluation:
• instrumented monitoring with the usual scale and a fully loaded autoclave
Test phases:
• 1 to 3 changes to the scale (partial charge)
Validation of the optimized scale:
• control of the new scale and verification of taste objectives with autoclave fully loaded


Quick installation of facilities: 1 to 3 days per scale
Delivery of a full report including the results obtained in relation to the objectives set
VS or VP validation for any program modification
Guaranteed integrity of your packaging
Advice for adapting optimized programs to your future recipes
No investment significant material

Informations pdf for optimization of qualities