Our products

Axitherm develops manufactures and distributes a complete range of mesure instruments and mechanical mounts to bring you relevant tools with validated performances

Miniature temperature recorders without cane = unrivaled precision in sterilization measurement

For smallest packagings
The easiest to position
The most accurate measurement


All packaging
Autoclave and microwave
Vacuum and pressure resistance


Extreme miniaturization
Quick response
Vacuum and pressure capability


Deformation sensor and box = packaging under control

Pressure measurement, display and recording: the right tool for you

The most accurate
The most suited to your mapping
The widest range of application


The most accurate
The most suitable for R&D and Quality Control
The most convenient to use


Plug and Play
The most powerful
The most modular


Mechanical supports and assemblies: for precise and repeatable measurement

The most user-friendly
The most versatile
The best performance

The most accurate measurements
The most flexible use
The most scalable/ upgradable

Suitable for all materials
Suitable for all packaging geometries
Accepts industrial filling requirements

Operating software: the version that suits you

The “Must” in secured data
The most user-friendly “Quality” software
The widest processing possibilities