Data acquisition unit P&P Box Déformation

Reduction of the deformations / distortions of packagings (cans, trays, pouches, lids) in real time


This acquisition unit P&P Box deformation with display allows to adjust your scales and programs in real time to reduce your deformations / distortions.


2 or 3-track box as standard
Display and acquisition of the following values:
Distortion: 40 mm stroke, sensitivity 0.1 mm
Pressure: -1 to +5 bar, accuracy +/- 30 mbar
Possibility of adaptation to rotary autoclave
Calculated values: : Diff. pressures
Screen: 3.7-inch colour, touchscreen and watertight (IP 66)


All functions and displays accessible in real time
Autonomous acquisition and viewing of data
Instantaneous calculation, differential pressure
Presentation of data in the form: numeric, graphic, statistical
Assisted control: distortion, differential pressure,
Data in .csv accessible on SD card


Change of materials
Elimination of deformations / distortions
Economy material

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