Data acquisition unit P&P Box Déformation

Reduction of the deformations / distortions of packagings (cans, trays, pouches, lids) in real time


This P&P Box Deformation packaging acquisition center with integrated display allows the adjustment of your scales and programs in real time. It informs you about the modifications to be made in order to eliminate packaging deformations such as bending, delamination, leakage, hollow, …
So you can not only optimize the appearance of your packaging but also work on material thickness reductionsr


Housing 1 to 2 Deformation probes +1 pressure probe as standard
Real time display and data acquisition
Deformation : stroke of 44 mm, sensitivity 0.1 mm
Pressure: -1 to +5 bar relative, accuracy +/- 30 mbar
Calculated values : Diff. pressures (3-way option)
3.7 inch color screen, touchscreen and waterproof (IP 66)
Memorization of 8 cursors with function of checking the correct division of the scale


All functions and displays accessible in real time
Viewing history and related information
Instant calculations pressure differential (3-way option)
Presentation of data in the form: numerical, graphical and statistical
Power steering : deformation, pressure differential (3-way option), scale writing
Export of data in .csv
Power supply on mains
Operation without a connected computer


Packaging modification: materials, thickness or supplier
Elimination of packaging deformations: flexible or rigid plastic and metal boxes
Productivity: reduction of the duration of the pasteurization or sterilization cycle
Elimination of unsealed jars: for Weck, Le Parfait and twist-off closure system

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