PHIlog pressure

Pressure logger


Formidably handbook in pressure, it posts a time of record answer and will be your best ally for all your mappings


Very-high-accuracy pressure measurement
de 30 à 5 000 mbar (absolute) à +/- 6 mbar
Dimensions :
Pressure 35 x 38 mm, 45,5 g
Ingress protection rating IP 68 from 0 to + 5 bar
Non-volatile memory = 16 000 acquisitions
Non-ductile polymer shell for high thermal shock resistance
(durability of electronic components)
Configurable start/stop in date/time mode


Best performance/price value on the market
Ideal for all your mapping
Contact-less data exchange interface
Record-breaking response time* *with 1.9mm diameter sensor
Long autonomy of 350h minimum: batterie interchangeable by user


Food industry
Process monitoring, mapping,
packaging temperature and pressure
Pharmaceutical, hospitals
Retort control, control of steam
presence at core

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