Data acquisition interface P&P Box Expert

Exploit your data to optimize your scales


Measure and leverage your data in real time


2 to 6-track box as standard
Display and acquisition of the following values:
Distortion: 40 mm stroke, sensitivity 0.1 mm
Pressure: -1 to +9 bar, accuracy +/- 30 mbar
Temperature: from 0°C to +140°C, accuracy +/- 0.20°C
Possibility of adaptation to rotary autoclave
Calculated values: PS / SV / % vapour / Diff. pressures
Screen: 3.7-inch colour, touchscreen and watertight (IP 66)


All functions and displays accessible in real time
Autonomous acquisition and viewing of data
Instantaneous calculation PV or SV, differential pressure, % steam…
Presentation of data in the form: numeric, graphic, statistical
Assisted control: distortion, PV / SV, differential pressure, % steam
Data in .csv accessible on SD card


Quality control of autoclaves and products
Recipes development
Packaging development
Optimisation of scales

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