AXImicro – temperature logger

Miniature Temperature data logger for product monitoring


The sensor of temperature very flat and small AXImicro can be exactly placed, even in the most flat packagings


Temperature measurement without cold spot disruption
Weight of 2.7 g for a 1.5 cc volume
2 models to suit all your needs
0 to +125 °C / +15 to +140 °C
Extremely miniaturized: Ø 17.2 x 6.4 mm
Full scale accuracy better than ± 0.20°C
Ingress protection rating IP 68 from 0 to + 10 bar absolut Memory capacity = 4096 data units
3 recording modes:immediate – date/time – temperature thresholds


Unaffected by acid pH
Respectful of natural convection
Instrument at heart even small pieces of meat/fish in all your recipes
Fully maintenance free
Life cycle = 500,000 measurement points*
*i.e. 2 to 5 years upon frequency of use


Food industry
Process monitoring for classic heat treatment, packaging temperature (Doypack®, canned beverages, canned food…)
Other industries
Gelose sterility, Management of potentially infectious medical waste (PIMW)

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