Microwave process

Microwave-heated equipment is increasingly present in the agri-food industry. It may be used in combination with steam or infra-red to reduce the time required to raise the core temperature of products. Other heating appliances that are purely microwave, for batch or continuous processing, also exist for frozen food tempering operations and pasteurization of trays or plastic pouches.
As with domestic microwave ovens, the presence of metal can generate destructive electric arcs, especially for electronic equipment. Introducing a logger, containing metal components, in order to perform a temperature measurement is therefore a challenge. Until recently, the only way of taking a temperature measurement consisted of using optical fibre sensors. This equipment provides precise measurements but is not easily combined with continuous equipment and is still difficult to implement. Its use is generally confined to the development sector, especially as its cost remains high.
After a significant development on extreme miniaturization of embedded electronics and the geometry of protective casings, AXITHERM is now proud to offer you recorders that are compatible with all microwave processes. The range of AXImini sensors (type L, M and H), at reduced cost, covers all control and development needs for products treated using a microwave process or a combined system.