Yes, of course. All our instruments and equipment: our temperature sensors, pressure gauges or distortion meters are available for rent in ready-to-use kits for periods of at least one week. With our rental and hotline assistance services, you will find the ideal solution for your occasional needs in order to enable development of your business without heavy investments.

Axitherm proposes a recipe co-development service directly on-site together with the customer. All our work is therefore carried out on your equipment, in your workshops and in cooperation with your teams in order to maximise the transfer of skills. Our R&D expertise with regard to long-conservation products enables simultaneous development of recipes and thermal scales.

As part of our services, Axitherm proposes services relative to thermal homogeneity of the retort, validation of sterilisation/pasteurisation values while guaranteeing the physical behaviour of your packaging.

Axitherm proposes a project team service and assumes the role of “external” partner. This method simplifies operations in project mode and unites all forces available to attain the required results.

Axitherm does not propose this service itself. However, one of our partners, Altic, will be able to assist you with this specific question. Please click on the link on our website to contact Altic.


We propose a complete mapping service which will meet all your requirements. When exporting to the USA, we provide all validations necessary to obtain FDA approval.

Axitherm proposes a complete mapping service perfectly adapted to this problem. In a retort, the cold spot designates the position at which the temperature is lowest during the heating period. A number of sensors are placed inside the retort and the differences between the highest and lowest temperatures are recorded.

Yes, we examine these problems on all types of retorts although there are a considerable number of possible causes for such alarms. In order to identify the cause(s), our team will need to come on site to carry out a complete diagnosis of your installation.

Indeed, depending on the type of equipment and frequency of use, these settings are prone to drift. An annual inspection will ensure your equipment functions correctly and thus guarantee production and power consumption reliability.

Yes, thanks to our scope of expertise and fifteen years professional experience, we are perfectly qualified to intervene on all types of continuous retorts.


Amongst the various solutions proposed, Axitherm is able to optimise your scales to ensure the working capacity of your equipment is in adequacy with the ability of the products to be heated (or cooled). This service will enable you to fine-tune the cycle time and at the same time achieve considerable savings in energy costs.

Retort thermal treatment optimisation is one of the most commonly demanded services by Axitherm customers. There is an obvious reason for this: Intervention of our teams will guarantee real energy cost savings without loss in productivity and without the need for investment. The result? Record-breaking savings in the consumption of steam, compressed air, water…

A distortion measurement allows precise identification of the exact moment the packaging is distorted and consequently enables adjustment of the scale based on these measurements in order to guarantee the quality results required.

Packaging distortion occurs when the pressure applied by the product is not correctly balanced with that of the retort. By modifying the heating or cooling temperature, time and counter-pressure profiles, you will adjust your scales in order to eliminate the pressure differences and subsequently the risk of distortion.

Yes, indeed. Taking into account the heating capacity of your product, Axitherm is able to create an optimised scale to reduce the effects due to Maillard reactions or even to enhance aromas. The scale also has an impact on the texture and colour and is therefore also a means of adjustment.


The choice of measurement system depends on your application. When monitoring production or when a large number of sensors must be fitted, the embedded probes method is more appropriate. The wired system offers a direct read-out which is greatly appreciated for scale fine-tuning. The R&D or Continuous Improvement departments often prefer these systems.

Axitherm proposes a range of purpose-designed mounts to ensure optimum repeatability of the Aximini sensors. Straight, self-aligning, for boxes or sachets, these mounts are adjustable, resistant and respect the thermal transfer and convection movement of the product.

Yes, Axitherm proposes the PHIlog®, an extremely accurate embedded sensor capable of measuring both temperature as well as pressure. It is suitable for process monitoring. Its temperature rod may be customised (diameter, length and rigidity). Its interface provides a contact-free data exchange.

Axitherm has developed a range of miniature recorders. With the Aximini® and Aximicro® sensors, you are able to ensure very accurate positioning to allow temperature measurement with no disturbance of the cold-spot! Maintenance-free and guaranteed for 500,000 measurement points, these sensors are available in three temperature ranges from -40°C to +140°C.

For the Aximini® and Aximicro® sensors, the reference software package is RECCAP®. It allows simultaneous programming and reading of several probes, as well as the calculation of sterilising, pasteurising or baking values. Enriched with numerous comments at several stages of operation, reporting of measurements is simplified and automated. It includes a graph and the table containing all values which may be consulted in xls or pdf formats. Using a time/date search function, it is possible to superimpose several recordings in the same report.
For the Philog® probes, the software package is the PhilogU®. Programming and read-out of several probes at the same time is also possible, SV calculation is automatic and the data may be consulted in pdf or xls formats.

The embedded probes function with a temperature sensor located at the end of the rod. Even if the measurement takes place primarily at this end, it is significantly impacted by its environment and in particular by the length of the rod if the probe is made of stainless steel. Indeed, the length of the rod should be 10x greater than its diameter so that the stainless steel body does not disrupt the temperature reading.

Axitherm proposes the Onefix®, a device suitable for all packaging materials and shapes. It is suitable for industrial filling conditions and allows measurement during the entire cycle.

The Axitherm digital manometer enables accurate monitoring of the packaging. It is used with a perforation system for flexible and rigid packaging (qualification of heat-sealing, vacuum crimping, capping, retort pressure sensor calibration).

In the case of a rotary retort, the head space is essential in order to agitate the product and allow penetration of the heat. In static mode, it slows product temperature increase and therefore penalises productivity.

Amongst the numerous tools in the Axitherm range specifically designed according to “field” requirements, the universal mount provides the perfect solution for your problem. Made of stainless steel, it is adapted to all packaging shapes with no mechanical constraints to allow extremely accurate positioning of your distortion sensors and that over a radius of 360°.

The latest arrival in the Axitherm product range, the P&P Box® (for Plug and Play) is exactly what you are looking for. Foreseen with a 3.7-inch colour touch-screen and 2 to 6 channels as standard, it will soon prove to be indispensable thanks to its capacity and modularity which enables you to carry out instantaneous calculation of PV or SV, steam % as well as assisted control functions to solve distortion problems… without the need to be connected to a computer!