Equipment rental and +

Rental of temperature, pressure and deformation recorder and associated services

Rental of measuring equipment

For a week or more, Axitherm offers a wide choice of sensors for hire. You then have calibrated equipment and the necessary assemblies.

Rental + training

You wish to consolidate your competence on a specific sensor or its use, Axitherm trains you by Skype to give you ease and relevance

Rental + remote assistance

you are not very comfortable managing a measurement campaign or interpreting data, Axitherm assists you remotely in France or abroad

Objective :

The arrival of a trainee, a mapping check, the development of new packaging, … the specific need for measuring instruments has many origins and is expressed in very diverse contexts.
The rental of temperature, pressure or deformation probe recorders meets the need for equipment and Axitherm adds service to the operator. Thus, we offer training in the implementation of sensors and / or remote support for the analysis and interpretation of your measurements.


Equipment available:

For pasteurized, sterilized and microwaves:
• Temperature:
    – miniature loggers = AXImini , AXImiWave and AXImicro
    – recorders with special temperature rod = Philog
    – PT 100 probe for real time = P&P Box
• Pressure: recorder
Philog and P&P Box
• Deformation:
deflection wire probe = P&P Box


The equipment is rented in a “ready-to-use kits” ,which contains:
– a computer with the operating software pre-installed (if necessary)
– a multiple communication interface or an acquisition unit
– the desired loggers or probes and their valid calibration certificate
– sensors mounting systems adapted to your packaging
– a storage case and instructions for use

To facilitate the acquisition of equipment, rental rents are transformed into down payment for the order of a similar product in the month following the end of rental

Pdf information on equipment rental