FDA mapping

Measures and technical report for the export of low acid food / cans to the USA

Respect compliance with FDA requirements in accordance with the most recent IFTPS* protocols

Accompaniment technical support customised for your installations

Readjustment adjustment of scales not suited to acceptance conditions

Aim :Provide documentation with the data required for declaration of sterilised or pasteurised products (acidified products) to the American authorities

cartographie FDA

Methodology for FDA mapping

On-site assessment:
• examination of installations, power intakes, loading plan
Test phases:
• Temperature distribution.
This corresponds to chamber mapping
• Heat distribution.
This analysis is used to check that the addition of compressed air in the autoclave does not interfere with the heat transfer process
• Heat penetration.
This entails validating the sterilising value at the heart of the product
Validation process:
• Analysis of readings and interpretation with regard to the criteria for success recognised by the FDA
• Determination of thermal process data to be included on the declaration form


Qualification of any type of autoclave
Use of calibrated measurement equipment
Drafting of administrative documentation in English
Remote technical support during the submission phase through to validation of the documentation

Informations pdf for FDA mapping