Optimization of the qualities of products

Improvement of products thanks to the adjustment of scale

Manage product texture

Improve your recipes' taste

Enhance final colour to meet your objectives

Aim : Sublimate your product through scale adjustment

Visuel qualites organo2

Methodology for optimization of qualities

On-site evaluation: instrumented monitoring with current scale and autoclave at full load
Test phases:
1 to 3 scale upgrades (partial load)
Optimised scale validation:
Monitoring of new scale and check on objectives with autoclave at full load


Quick set-up of applicable arrangements: 1 to 3 days per scale
Extensive report including: Results achieved in relation with set objectives
Fo and Po validation for all program modifications
Guaranteed packaging integrity
Advice for adaptation of optimised programs to your future recipes
No major investment in equipment

Informations pdf for optimization of qualities