Disappearance of the leaked packaging

Development of a pasteurization / sterilization scale to guarantee the integrity of the packaging

Adjustment of scales to constant VS / VP

Taking into account the behavior of materials in temperature

Integration of industrial production dispersions

Objective: Avoid unwanted deformation of your packaging

Deformed trays that no longer fit in their cases, delaminated lids or, in the extreme, leaky packaging with even a small percentage of your production represent a significant economic cost (direct loss, sorting and branding). But this is not inevitable even if your installation is old!
Axitherm provides you with the tool and the human resources to remedy them effectively. We also run training courses through ADRIA Quimper to help you gain autonomy. Thus, with a Deformation probe < / a> bought or rented, you can quickly put away your faulty packaging in the closet.

Visuel elimination deformations2

Method for eliminating the risk of leaking packaging

On-site evaluation:
– Instrumentation of your packaging with our Deformation measurement kit (temperature, pressure, deformation)
– Monitoring of a standard cycle at full load
– Analysis of records
Test phase:
– Development of a new scale
– Control of packaging deformation with the modified scale
Validation process:
– Development of the adapted scale with a partial load
– Confirmation of results with a fully loaded autoclave


Quick installation of the layout
Guaranteed integrity of your packaging (no leaky packaging or unacceptable deformation)
Skills transfer so that you can use our Deformation kit independently
Validation VS or VP for any established modification of the scale

Informations pdf for elimination of packaging distortions / deformations