Autoclave / retort mapping

Measures and full report for all type of autoclave and retorts

Assurance of the thermal homogeneity of the autoclave

Search for cold spot

Validation of maintenance work on your equipment

Aim : Identify the cold spots on your equipment , Comply with the specifications of your clients (certifiers, major distributors, food industry key players

Visuel cartographie autoclave2

Methodology for retort autoclave mapping

On-site evaluation:
• Definition of zones considered to be “critical”
• Workshop studies
Test phases:
Optimised spread of 5 sensors per basket
• Temperatures, pressures and rotations reading at each key stage
• Measurement repetition
Validation process:
• Measurement of two cycles with full load
• Observation and interpretation of values obtained
• Customisation of protocol possible


Compilation of a report covering all requirements of the client within 30 days
Comparison of results with acceptance criteria
Optimisation recommendations:
– setting parameters
– reconstruction of scales
– loading plan

Informations pdf for retort autoclave mapping