Energy savings on autoclaves

In equal safety, Axitherm optimizes scales and regulation to reduce the energy consumptions of your autoclaves to pasteurization / sterilization.

Reduction of instantaneous steam requirements

Reduction of additional compressed air

Improvement of cooling efficiency

Aim : Energy savings achieved by adapting your scales

Visuel validation VSVP2

Methodology for energy reduction

On-site evaluation: instrumented monitoring with usual scale and autoclave with full load
Study of regulation parameters
Test phases:
1 to 3 scale upgrades (partial load)
Correction of regulation parameters
Optimised scale validation:
Control of the new scale and check of objectives with autoclave with full load


Quick set-up of applicable arrangements:
1 to 3 days per scale
Extensive report including:
Results achieved in relation to objectives set
Fo / Po Validation for all program modifications
Guaranteed packaging integrity
Advice to adapt optimised program to your future recipes
No major investment in equipment

Informations pdf for energy reduction