Cooking fragile products

How to optimize autoclave cooking to avoid overcooking or poor hydration of dry products.

Selection of the best conditions for preparing and filling your recipe

Definition of the thermal profile favorable to the heating and cooling of your product

Search for the ideal agitation mode for all your autoclaved packaging with rotation

Objective: To develop pasteurized or sterilized products with dual expertise in materials and scales and to eliminate autoclave overcooking


Methodology for design of recipes

Fragile products:
• Identification of product sensitivity and maximum level of acceptance
• Differential temperatures and / or heat flux measurements
Products with high hydration:
• Identification of the hydration dynamics of the recipe
• Hydration / rotary speed correlation study
Validation process:
• Verification of schedule according to the elements collected
• Validation of behaviors in autoclave and possible adjustments
• Validation of the schedule under full load and verification of the Fo / Po abtained


Confidentiality agreementand restricted use of your data
Delivery of a summary report at the end of the intervention
Transmission of know-how to enable you to manage future developments independently
Guaranteed integrity of your packaging