Design of recipes

Development of new pasteurized or sterilized products by benefiting from a dual set of skills : formulation and scales.

R&D expertise in “long life” products on your site

Simultaneous development of recipe and thermal scale

Efficient project management with experimental designs

Aim : Develop sterilised products with dual competence in materials and scales


Methodology for design of recipes

• Joint development of specifications: definition of needs and constraints (legislation, equipment in place, marketing target)
• Construction of schedule structured in validation stages
Test phase:
• Selection of ingredients supporting sterilisation and ageing
• Definition of experimental designs (Taguchi type)
• Test management: sampling, adjustment of scale and batch production
• Analysis and interpretation of results
Validation process:
• Organisation of sensory tests
• Monitoring of progress against initial timescale


Contractual confidentiality and use of your data restricted to resolving your issues
Provision of intermediate reports and a summary report at the end of operations
Transfer of skills to enable autonomous management of future developments
Guaranteed integrity of your packaging