On your site, we conduct trainings at scales, autoclave and design of sterilized products.

In addition to the most requested training courses, we work with you to develop the program that will be most suited to your need to control thermal treatments whatever your equipment (autoclave, tunnel, cell) and your applications (packaging and recipes) in pasteurisation and sterilization .

In groups of up to 8 people, the sessions take place from 1/2 day to several days depending on the program, in your premises, near your autoclaves.

Theoretical lessons are adapted to the public, your products and your equipment. The content is modular according to the interactivity and the curiosity of the participants.
According to the subject of the training, practical work with your autoclave, your recipes and your packaging allow to apply directly your knowledge.

Planning is done directly between AXItherm and you according to the organizational constraints you may encounter.

Operation of the autoclave for the sterilization of cans and jars.

  • Technical description of operation of autoclaves
  • Limitations of use and description of the risks associated with the use of these materials
  • Functioning of the security organs and understanding of alerts
  • Use of manual piloting (segment jump, counterpressures, etc.)
  • Potential Impacts on the Geometric and Tightness of Processed Packaging
  • Potential implications for health aspects of treated products,

Example of training for autoclave operation

Optimal construction of a sterilization scale for dishes cooked in plastic trays

  • Roles of the Pasteurization / Sterilization Schedule
  • Programming principle and limiting performance of the autoclave
  • Writing a classic program
  • Behavior of products and packaging in high temperature
  • Identification of pressure-generating phenomena
  • Role of the Delta P (Pressure Differential)
  • Choice of control instrumentation
  • Optimal management: steam, water and compressed air and writing of an optimized program

Example of training for construction of scale