Temperature recorder for deep fryer

Measure the pasteurisation value at the core of the treated product in a dry oven or fryer.

Description of the deep fryer temperature logger

The requirements of the HACCP approach impose the traceability of the various thermal processes applied to your productions. On the other hand, continuous processes coupled with high temperatures often meet the technical limits of the instrumentation.
Thanks to its waterproof heat shield, the S-Micro W L temperature data logger with semi-rigid rod can withstand up to 250°C at its peak.
This combination of sensor and waterproof protection makes it possible to obtain a deep fryer temperature logger.
The small dimensions of the heat shield make it easy to pass through the openings of the fryer. Thus, no load breakage or slowing down of the belt is necessary for the installation of the equipment. The measurement is then perfectly representative of the industrial process.
Similarly, you can monitor the Pasteurising Value acquired in the product core for all kinds of high temperature flash treatments.

Applications of the deep fryer temperature sensor

The waterproof heat shield is suitable for use in dry heat ovens as well as oil immersion and spray fryers. It should be fitted to the S Micro logger as soon as the ambient temperature exceeds 140°C.
Only one type of waterproof shield is offered as standard. If your requirements exceed the performance of this model, we can offer you an optional study of its resizing.


– IP 67 for the shield (=> 1 meter immersion)
– IP 68 for the logger (=> 50 meters of immersion)

– heat shield: 74 x 97 mm for a height of 33 mm
– logger: body diam. 20 x 42 + rod diam. 2 x 300 mm

Temperature resistance:
– 140°C maximum for the recorder without shield
– with shield: 250°C peak
– 7 minutes in oil immersion at 180°C
– 5 minutes in oil immersion at 200°C

Materials compatible with direct food contact:
– heat shield: teflon, silicone, stainless steel and peek
– logger: stainless steel and peek

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