Food retort process: equipement and services

AXITHERM, our food retort process expertise at the service of your production


For 20 years, we have been helping you to control your food production, whether it is sterilised or pasteurised.
AXITHERM's particularity can be summed up in a unique dual competence:
- services with rapid and concrete results such as the elimination of waste, thermal mapping of retorts, schedule optimisation, the launch of new recipes or new packaging, reduction of energy costs or the transmission of its various know-how
- equipment developed and selected to meet the needs of your Quality and R&D departments for measuring temperature, pressure and deformation of your packaging.

It is in the very nature of AXITHERM to innovate and to push back the agreed limits in the retort process.
Therefore, I invite you to visit this site regularly, which is enriched every week.
For example, come and discover our 2 new temperature loggers, HeatLOG, specially designed for microwave processing (batch and continuous) and our new energy saving service for the canning industry.

Access to our general brochure: supply of materials and services for the control of food retort process

(Note: to download the detailed sheet of a product or service, go to the corresponding page of our site and click on the .pdf icon at the bottom of the page).

An expert team involved in the success of your projects

Axitherm was founded in 2002 under the impetus of Alain Fournial, the current manager of the company. Axitherm’s vocation is to develop and offer efficient services and measuring instruments adapted to the food industry. Alain, thanks to his expertise in food retort process, will be your privileged contact for all technical questions or requests for intervention on industrial sites.
Frédéric Terrien and Sabine Decouvreur have since joined the team. Frédéric is in charge of the manufacture of the equipment, the calibration of the loggers and intervenes on site for certain thermal mapping missions.
Sabine is responsible for the entire administrative structure, from orders to after-sales service, including management control and accounting. She is also in charge of the performance of the site you are visiting right now.

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