Food retort processing: equipement and services

Axitherm, our expertise for your thermal process

We support you for all your food retort processing requirements:
Retort qualification, Sterilization schedule optimisation or launch of new recipe and container

Eliminate packaging deformation and leakage

For your new packaging and loading adaptations, Axitherm develops your pasteurization or sterilization scheduled process to eliminate geometric defect of containers.

Increase the treatment capacity of each retort cycle

Equally safe, Axitherm adjusts your food retort processing to reduce cycle time and improve productivity (immediate gain from the end of the intervention).

Save on steam, compressed air, water and electricity consumptions

By adjusting the scheduled process and controllers, we reduce the energy consumptions of your retorts for pasteurisation and sterilisation.

Qualify your steam oven, retort and continuous sterilizer processes

For open or closed enclosures, we are mapping the ambient temperature dispersion according to recognized protocol (IFTPS). We also achieve heat penetration on a wide range of packaging

Speed up your recipe and process developments

To accelerate the development of your new recipes, Axitherm develops the thermal schedule that will give the optimum aspect of freshness.

Rental of temperature loggers and deflection sensor

Axitherm offers all its measurement equipments for hire in the form of a ready-to-use complete kit with training in use and even remote data interpretation

An expert team involved in the success of your projects

Axitherm was founded in 2002 under the leadership of Alain Fournial, the company’s current manager, to offer high-performance services and measuring instruments adapted to agri-food manufacturers.

Since then, Frédéric Terrien and Charlotte David have joined the team. Frédéric takes care of the manufacturing part and also intervenes on site for technical missions. Charlotte is responsible for the entire administrative structure, from orders to after-sales services, to management control and accounting.

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We offer a range of measuring equipment for the food retort processing and other applications.

These deflection probes positioned on the plastic plate allow to measure a very slight pressure imbalance and adjust the counter-pressure profile

Thanks to its reduced dimensions, Aximini logger always find place in the most compact layers to measure the ambient temperature with precision.

HeatLOG is an off-road logger to be used in very small container. Its unique design allows steam, water and microwave heating process.

AXImicro II, extremely miniature temperature logger, identifies PU or Fo for nuts and kernels in bulk but also in very flat packaging like fish can. High resistance to vacuum, pressure and vibration.

This compact and autonomous digital vacuum gauge will allow you to measure the pressure in the packaging head-space or retort vessel due to its 2 special fittings.

This logger can have a rod with the dimensions you want to precisely measure temperature where it is requided. Food processing retort are under control.

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