Axitherm, our expertise for your thermal process

We are with you for all your heat treatment needs:
Qualification of autoclaves, Optimization of scales or Launch new products with new packaging

Eliminate packaging distortions and leaks

For your new packaging or load adaptations, Axitherm develops your scales to eliminate the bursting of packaging.

Increase the treatment capacity of autoclaves

Equally safe, Axitherm adjusts your scales to reduce cycle times and improve productivity (gain from the end of the intervention).

Earn on steam, compressed air water and electricity consumption

By adjusting the scale and regulation, we reduce the energy consumption (steam, water, compressed air) of your autoclaves in pasteurization / sterilization.

Map your autoclaves and continuous sterilizers

For autoclaves, tunnels or pasteurization cells, we measure the ambient temperatures according to recognized protocols (IFTPS).

Speed up your product and process developments

To accelerate your development of new pasteurized or sterilized products, benefit from a dual competence formulations and scales.

Train your staff in "packaging/temperature" behaviour

We can build with you the training that will be most adapted to your company and your teams, in all our fields of competence

Hardware rental

Axitherm offers all its measurement equipment for hire in the form of a complete ready-to-use kit with training in use and remote interpretation

An expert team involved in the success of your projects

Axitherm was founded in 2002 under the leadership of Alain Fournial, the company’s current manager, to offer high-performance services and measuring instruments adapted to agri-food manufacturers.

Since then, Frédéric Terrien and Charlotte David have joined the team. Frédéric takes care of the manufacturing part and also intervenes on site for technical missions. Charlotte is responsible for the entire administrative structure, from orders to after-sales services, to management control and accounting.
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We offer a range of measuring equipment, suitable for each application

Distortion probe for convenience food in tray

Distortion probe to adjust process scale for convenience food in tray or vegetables in pouch

This probe of distortion positioned on the packaging allows to measure the imbalance of pressure and to adjust against pressures of the scale

Miniature recorder designed for monitoring the temperature of pressure vessels

Thanks to its reduced dimensions, the Aximini recorder is easily positioned at the heart of the most compact loads to measure the ambient temperature with precision.

ultra flat temperature recorder for sterilizing in jars

Miniature temperature data-logger Aximicro for sterilizing value in jar

This miniature logger is used in the packagings of low thickness (small glass cup, can of fishs, doypack,)

Temperature logger Aximicro for the measurement of temperature against salmonella in nuts

The Aximicro miniature temperature recorder meets the need to guarantee the pasteurization of your hazelnuts, almonds and walnut .

Manometer for vacuum measure in covered tray

This compact and autonomous digital manometer will allow you to measure the pressure and the space in packagings and in autoclave thanks to its 2 adapted joins.

temperature probe to measure fish in can

Temperature probe for measurement in cans of tuna

This logger can have a probe of the size you want to perfectly mesure temperature at the cold spot you think.

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