Retort process optimisation : devices and services

Axitherm offers a variety of measuring equipment and a rental service. An engineer can also visit your plant for thermal mapping, troubleshooting or retort process optimisation.

For most canners, optimising the retort process is fundamental to achieving the desired quality and profitability.
Axitherm offers several complementary techniques to meet your homogenisation and cooking reduction needs.
Our method: once the F0 or PU target is established, we offer several sterilisation programs. The best one is selected when it guarantees reproducibility. In other words, the objective is to strongly limit F0 / PU dispersions and, by the same token, those of the cooking effect. To reach this point, it may be necessary to adjust the parameters of the PLC controllers, because year after year a certain deviation can be observed.

Of course, a new sterilisation program for retort process optimisation must be approved. For example, we take into account the characteristics of the plant’s energy networks, the performance of the retorts and the working methods used. In addition, the new process is designed to respect the thermal properties of your recipes. The objective is to never “rush” them more than necessary. In this way, we combine two advantages: control of dispersions by tightening the safety margin on the F0/PU + harmonisation of the cooking by aligning it with the thermal behaviour of the recipe.

The result is virtually uniform cooking with unparalleled flavour, regardless of the location in the retort or even the time of year.
Under certain conditions, this optimisation of the retort process is accompanied by a gain in productivity. It can also result in energy savings (steam, compressed air and cooling water). This service offers a very good return on investment.