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    Autoclave Assistance

    Founded in 2002 by Alain Fournial, Axitherm is a company whose objective is to deliver food autoclave assistance for optimal management of pasteurized or sterilized production. Since then, Axitherm has won several innovation awards and stands out for its ability to push back considerably the technical limits generally accepted. Independent from any organization or machine manufacturer, Axitherm is deeply committed in assisting canners. Then, if you need to maximise the use of your technical equipments such as pasteurizers, retorts and cooking cells, we can offer autoclave assistance.
    Thus, AXITHERM’s support is not limited to any particular brand of appliance. Moreover, its know-how is based on the mastery of thermal phenomena, the behaviour of packaging and recipes, measurement and industrial cooking and sterilisation equipment.
    A forerunner in the economic design of schedules (energy and productivity), AXITHERM is constantly developing new approaches and technical solutions to optimise the performance of autoclaves.
    AXITHERM’s proposal for the instrumentation of packaging and recipes is also original. This is because it responds to the specific developments in the food industry (single-portion, heat-sealed, microwaveable packaging, etc.).
    Recent news shows that the food industry has to adapt to important changes (price increase, energy scarcity, ecological pressure, …). Our autoclave assistance strengthens your R&D and Quality departments in order to respond quickly to new challenges.