HeatLOG = microwave data logger

Measure the core temperature of the product in all types of processes: steam, water, cascade, mist and microwave.

Description of microwave temperature logger

The HeatLOG temperature logger is designed to accept a variety of static or continuous heating processes. The environment can even be under vacuum or pressure (limited to 3 bar).
These performances make it suitable for use in all existing pasteurisation tunnels and retorts in the food industry : conventional and microwave heating process.
In addition, this microwave data logger is very compact and can be inserted into the narrow neck of a bottle.
HeatLOG accurately measures the temperature in the product or equipment and its software calculates the resulting F0 or PU.

Performances of microwave temperature logger

Environment temperature mesurement without disturbance
Weight of 6.1 g for a volume of 1.92 cm3
3 temperature ranges to meet all your requirements:
-40 to +85 °C / 0 to + 125 °C / +15 to +140 °C
High miniaturization: Ø 16.4 x 9.1 mm
Accuracy better than: ± 0.15 ° C
Watertightness: IP 68 from -1 to +3 bar
Memory capacity: 4096 data
3 recording modes: immediate – date / time – temperature thresholds
Insensitive to microwaves;
Direct food contact standards.
2 to 5 years lifetime upon the frequency of use.

Specificities of using in microwave oven / tunnel

Fastest acquisition speed = 1 measurement every 15 seconds.
Be sure that HeatLOG stays in contact with food product during process.
minimum gap to another metal part = 2 cm.
never cool HeatLOG with water, just room air (3 minutes away from heated product).

Applications for HeatLOG

This microwave temperature logger allows you to control pasteurization and sterilization of food products
Accurate F0 / PU in all packaging over 80g
Control of microwave tunnels for tempering or pasteurization
Temperature control in a narrow-necked bottle
Optimization of programme construction
Operation with AXITHERM communication interfaces and softwares

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