Temperature logger software = RECCAP

Software to exploit temperature readings from AXImini, AXImicro, HeatLOG and ThinLOG data loggers.

Description of the temperature logger software

RECCAP is a software for temperature loggers which exploits the whole range of rodless recorders, namely the sensors AXImini , AXImicro , AXImicro II , HeatLOG and ThinLOG .
In a refined presentation, RECCAP offers all the performance of a powerful operating and analysis software with curves, table, database, automatic report, management of calibrations, …
Designed to manage up to 30 recordings at time, it is also the ideal tool for your thermal mapping or process validation.

Performances of this temperature logger software

Economic: 1 single software for all your miniature temperature data loggers.
Readings save in SQL database with search function (optional on server).
F0, PU, cooking value calculations with configurable coefficients.
Dynamic multilingual : French, English and German.
Management of calibration alarms.
Advanced graphical analysis.
3 export formats: Word, Excel, pdf.

Specificities of temperature logger software

Multi-station installation and licence linked to the number of sensors used (from 1 to 999).
3 levels of comments for each record so as to describe each stage of the measurement.
Automatic report generation.

Application of RECCAP

Meanly used in food industry, RECCAP is the basis of your thermal studies: mapping, process validation, heat penetration, heating and cooling dynamics, … Then you can extract the full potential of your retort, microwave tunnel, autoclave, continuous sterilizer, cooking cell and other thermal equipment.
RECCAP is as surprising for its ease of learning as for its performance.

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