Watertight passage = ONEFIX

Only one watertight passage for your packaging models

Description of the packaging watertight passage

Onefix is a sealed passageway for food processing sterilization. It can be installed from the outside through any type of packaging without restriction of location. Thus, pots, caps, cans, pouches, etc. can be fitted whether they are open or already closed. All you have to do is drill and rivet ONEFIX without difficulty thanks to a special pliers. You can then add various elements:
– a gland press to receive the needle of a wired probe or a temperature logger mounted offset
– an adapter to connect to a pressure probe
– …
So, with a single assembly you can implant all the desired sensors on any packaging, which, you will agree, is quite practical!
ONEFIX is so small that there is no risk of using an industrial seaming or sealing machine with such a fitted package.

Features of the watertight passage

Suitable for all materials.
Suitable for all packaging geometries.
Accepts industrial filling conditions, even vacuum.
Supports pasteurization and sterilization treatments.

Specificities of the watertight passage

This sealed passage for sterilization is a universal base for instrumenting packaging, it allows:
– installation before or after closure.
– pass smoothly through a seaming or a hot sealing machine.
ONEFIX is a single-use consumable. It only requires a perforator and a special pliers for its installation which makes it a very economical assembly! You always have the right setup for your instrumentation.

Application of ONEFIX

For simple instrumentation of most food packaging retorted for pasteurization or sterilization:
Metal : all forms of cans.
Glass : bottles, jars (by the metal cap).
Rigid plastic : pots, plates,…
Complex materials foil: pockets, DoyPack®, Tetra Brick® …

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