Retort process time = how to save money

Axitherm adjusts the retort process time to quickly gain in productivity and control energy consumption.

Gains in capacity and therefore flexibility

the adaptation of retort process makes your cycle duration shorter.

Elimination of process time drifts

thanks to a construction programme using heating and cooling dynamics in accordance with the physical / thermal properties of the recipe

Optimization of overall workshop performance

with regular, non-peak requirements for air, cooling water and steam

Objective: Reduction of retort process time

In order to gain retort pasteurisation / sterilisation capacity, the classic strategy consists of investing in a new device and making it work in the same way as pre-existing equipment. This method has been widely proven, does not carry any technical risk but proves inapplicable when:
– the boiler or the cooling network has already reached its maximum capacity.
– the sterilization / pasteurization workshop is already crowded.
– your investment capacity is limited.
AXITHERM offers you an economical alternative, proven over and over (10 years of experience) and with an immediate response: reduce to its maximum the retort process time of your existing equiment.
Thus, we adjust part of your thermal regulation to reduce the processing time according to the technical possibilities of the equipment and the thermal properties of the product. Results: 5 to 20% capacity can be gained in one week, while keeping the same F0/PU as before, without changing the quality of the recipes.

productivity gain

Methodology for retort process time reduction

On-site evaluation: instrumented monitoring with the usual process and a fully loaded retort to define the basic sterilization/pasteurization capacity.
Environmental study upstream of the line (filling / closing / loading).
Test phase: 1 to 3 adjustments of the thermal process (partial load).
Possible proposal for new loading plans.
Validation of the optimisation: control of the new process time and verification of objectives with retort at full load.

Commitments with retort process time

Quick installation of facilities: 1 to 2 days per recipe.
Delivery of a full report including: the results obtained in comparison with the objectives set.
F0 or PU validation for any final retort program.
Guaranteed integrity of your packaging.
Advice to develop optimized thermal proces for your future recipes.
No significant investment of equipment.

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