Energy savings in the retort

Axitherm reduces the consumption of retort energies for pasteurisation or sterilisation while preserving PU / F0 and productivity.

Reduction of instant steam requirements

Reduction of compressed air injection

Improvement of cooling efficiency

Possible energy savings

Save the various energies consumed by the retort by revisiting the thermal processes and regulation parameters.
The operation of a retort workshop is most often the result of a story, with grouping of equipment, modifications to the energy networks (steam, compressed air and cooling water), mix of models, creation of recipes and changes of packaging. So, many natural evolutions which may no longer correspond to the initial writing of the program. Hence a slow but certain drift in productivity associated with an increase in consumed energies.
Axitherm re-writes the programs in accordance with the current capacities of the workshop, which instantly results in a reduction in retort steam consumption and sometimes even in productivity gains. At this step, it is also possible to eliminate deformation troubles or over-cooking aspects of your produces

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Methodology of energy savings operation

On-site evaluation : monitoring instrumented with the usual process and a full load.
Study of control parameters of PLC.
Test phase: 1 to 3 program evaluations (partial load).
Possible ajustments of control parameters.
Validation of the optimized thermal process: F0 / PU measurement and verification of energy savings made at full load.

Commitments with energy savings in the retort

Rapid implementation of changes in 1 to 3 days per recipe.
Delivery of a complete report including results and comparisons.
Validation F0 / PU for final process modification.
Guaranteed integrity of your packaging.
Advice to develop optimized thermal process to your future recipes.
No investment in software or hardware.

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