AXImicro : the mini temperature logger

Probably the smallest and more restistant Temperature data logger in food applications

Description of mini temperature logger

Aximicro is an ultra miniature temperature logger specially designed for extreme environments. This recorder is food safe, waterproof, light, small and on top of that it is vacuum, pressure and vibration resistant. Due to its small dimensions, it is probably the most accurate temperature data logger for calculating an exact F0/PU.
This mini temperature logger gives you the same measurement accuracy as the best thermocouple. In any case, it is incomparably easier to implement.

Performances of mini temperature logger

No disturbance to the observed environment.
Weight of 2.7 g for a volume of 1.5 cm3.
2 temperature ranges to meet all your needs:
0 to +125 °C / +15 to +140 °C
Extremely miniaturized: Ø 17.2 x 6.4 mm.
Full scale accuracy better than ± 0.15°C.
Wartertightness: IP 68 from -1 to 9 bar.
Memory capacity : 4096 data.
3 recording modes: immediate – date/time – temperature thresholds.
Insensitive to vibration.

Specificities of mini temperature logger

Meets direct food contact standards
Density and thermal conductivity similar to your produce
Unprecedented PU and F0 precision due to miniaturization
Without any maintenance
Lifestime : 500,000 measurement points that is to say 3 to 5 years upon frequency of use

Application for AXImicro

Mini temperature logger in food industry:
– retort and sterilizer process monitoring.
– ideal controller for PU/F0 in flat packagings (pouch, bottle, tray, jar, fish can, …) thanks to its extreme miniaturization.
– monitoring of the continuous pasteurisation process of nuts and cereals (steam, dry air heating and vibrating conveyor). The aximicro II is specially adapted to this type of treatment.

Other industries:
Gelose sterility, Management of potentially infectious medical waste (PIMW).

Further information: