Retort logger interface = single or multiple versions

Showroom of the different versions of retort logger interface

Descriptif of the retort logger interface

The retort logger interface presents as a small box connected via USB port to your computer, tablet or smartphone. place one or several temperature logger in it and then you can communicate with AxiSoft software.
4 interface models are available to cover the full range of AXITHERM temperature loggers.
The small versions are very useful for everyday measurements.
The multi-sensor versions are intended for process validation and thermal mapping operations.

Performances of the retort logger interface

Single interfaces:
Small dimensions for easy transport (pocket size).
Communication with only 1 logger at a time.
1 model for DrinkLOG / ThinLOG and HeatLOG.
1 model for AXImicro and AXImicro II.

Multiple interfaces:
Robust design for harsh environnement.
Communication up to 6 loggers at a time.
1 model for DrinkLOG, / ThinLOG and HeatLOG.
1 model for AXImicro.

Specificities of retort logger interface

No licence restriction.
No battery inside – electric feeding just ensure by USB port.
Use with AXIsoft software.
Compatible with Windows, soon with Mac and Linus OS.


Agri-food and other industries:
Communication interface box for programming and reading rodless temperature loggers.
For mapping, it is important to use many loggers at the same time. Multi-sensor interfaces accept a maximum of 6 loggers but you can program multiple 6-packs. The same applies to data logging. The software then compiles all the data into a single file.
In conclusion, you are never limited by the size of the interface.