AXImicro II and nut decontamination

Miniature temperature logger for monitoring nut decontamination and more

Description of the nut decontamination logger :

The miniature temperature logger AXImicro II is so small ! It can operate all kinds of packaged or bulk products without disturbing the measurement. It is perfect for nut decontamination or sterilization of small and flat cans.
Its accuracy is unmatched thanks to its very small size and fast response time.
In addition, its unique design gives it a strong resistance to vacuum, pressure, mechanical vibrations and electrical contacts. It is suitable for sterilization in retort as for continuous pasteurization on vibrating mats or heating tubes.

Performances of the nut decontamination logger :

AXImicro II has thermal characteristics similar to those of an almond to precisely follow its heating profile whatever the process applied: hot air, steam or ohmic heating.
There are 2 models to meet all your needs in nut decontamination: 0 to +125°C/ +15 to +140°C.
Weight: 3.0 g for a volume of 1.6 cm3.
Extreme miniaturization: Ø 19.8 x 6.4 mm.
Full scale accuracy better than: -/+ 0.15°C.
Wartertightness: IP 68 from -1 to + 9 bar.
Memory Capacity: 4096 data.
3 recording modes: immediate – date/time – temperature thresholds.

Specificities :

Compatible into direct food contact .
Adjustable progress speed on vibrating systems.
Instrumentation at the heart of the treated (static) mass as at the (continuous) flow for nuts, seeds and powders.
Without any maintenance.
Lifestime = 500,000 measurement points that is to say 2 to 5 years upon frequency of use.

Use for nut decontamination and other :

For bulk food products:
Monitoring of conventional thermal processes whether continuous or discontinuous, fast or slow. Validation of schedule for nut decontamination, idem with seeds and powders.
Calculates the Pasteurisation Value PU precisely.

Other Application:
Temperature monitoring of packaged and sterilized products in retort with or without overpressure. Precise calculation of the sterilization value Fo.

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