Thermal mapping = temperature distribution in the retort

Retort mapping: temperature study in static and rotary equipements

Definition of suitable equipment and measurement protocol

Location of cold / hot spots

Elimination of drifts on retort

Expectations of a thermal mapping exercise:

Retort mapping must result in a report that positively meets the specifications required by your client (certifier, retailer or food industry players) or a heavy maintenance operation. Moreover, the total dispersion must not exceed the degree during the pasteurisation or sterilisation stage and this is not always the case.
So what to do?
Our exclusive method gives you a solution:
– check and adjust the metrology of the measuring instruments of your food retort.
– map the temperatures of the chamber and make them homogeneous if necessary by various adjustments (programme, regulation mode, power of the energy networks, …).
– identify the cold and the hot spots.
– check the repeatability of the device.
– check the correspondence of the performances with the specifications.
– quickly produce a clear and detailed report validating the industrial operation of the retort.

cartographie autoclave 14 en anglais
cartographie autoclave 14 en anglais

Thermal mapping and retort process

Assessment on industrial site:
– Study of the workshop and its energy networks.
– Identification of the critical load.
– Location of cold / hot zones and possible routes to reduce their dispersions.
Test phase:
– Optimized distribution of five sensors per basket.
– Reading of temperatures, pressures at each stage.
Validation process:
– Measurement of two cycles under critical load.
– Reading and interpretation of the values obtained.
– Possibility of customising the protocole.


Editing a report within 30 days that includes the applicant’s requirements.
Comparison of the results with the acceptance criteria.
Possible recommendations for optimisation:
– regulation parameters.
– rewriting of the programmed process.
– adaptation of loading plan.

Further information: