Nut pasteurization in bulk

Range of Temperature loggers and service to control the debacterization of nuts and cereals

Determination of nut Pasteurization in bulk process

AXImicro II® temperature logger is the ideal solution for controlling the pasteurisation of nuts and cereals:
– It is the only temperature recorder able to fit in the place of an almond thanks to its similar dimensions and weight.
– It moves through vibrating conveyors (heating tubes or belts) at the same speed as nuts or seeds. It is designed for high temperatures up to 140°C.
– The AXImicro II weighs less than 3 grams, resists vibrations and accepts heating by steam, hot air and current tubes… It is the true baroudeur of surface debacterization!
– The temperatures recorded by the AXImicro II are then transferred to the operating software. The Pasteurising Value is then calculated and informs you about the security of your production.

Nut pasteurization, a pressing need

The pasteurization of almonds has been mandatory in the USA and Canada since 2007 following cases of food poisoning by salmonella. Contrary to the common belief that products with low moisture content do not pose a risk, survival of salmonella under these conditions has been demonstrated.
Europe has not yet made decontamination of these products compulsory, but more and more suppliers are turning to it.

Our services for nut pasteurization in bulk

Useful information from the measurements

• Mapping, cold spot search and homogeneity check
• Validation of pasteurizing value
• Heating dynamic of the product


Short Study Equipment Rental

• Ready-to-use measurement kit
• Remote support for measurement implementation and analysis


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